Publication Notice

I am over-the-moon excited to share that my poem “You Shall Feed Her” is in the 2020 issue of From the Depths by Haunted Water Press. Digital copies are available for free and print issues are available for purchase by clicking here. The entire issue is so lovely and features so much great work. My […]

Wait and hope

Gladiolus grow from corms, not bulbs, like I have always assumed. There is a difference as explained by this article on The Spruce, “…true bulbs are divided into layers (think of an onion), including a papery outer layer. Corms are not divided in this way; rather, they are solid units.” I have learned too that rhizomes […]


Here she is again, on about trees. I do not understand many of the decisions previous owners of this house made, but the one to plant a flowering dogwood tree was a good one. This one isn’t squat and perfectly shaped like a lot of the ornamental ones I see out and about. I imagine […]

Luke 6

I wish I could write anything as beautifully as Luke 6 is to me. Jesus in Luke 6 comes out swinging. If Luke 6 ain’t hurting you, you ain’t listening. If Luke 6 doesn’t seem like a direct rebuke of our times, you ain’t watching. Foxes may be calling “Lord, Lord,” but they do not […]

Folly & Current

You can stand on the banks, just watching the river, and think you are safe. The current is so strong, though, that the longer you watch, it pulls you in, sweeps you away, and miles downstream you realize you have been taken, realize you are gulping in water. There’s no rescue mission. Well, not exactly. […]


The electric company came and cut down my favorite tree. I was mad at them and at my parents for agreeing. My dad took the wood, made boards from it on Pawpaw’s sawmill, and built me a desk. Now I write on it. I study God on it. The tree and I both grew up […]